Auditorium Rental

Auditorium Agreement 2013

Auditorium Rental

The Fine Arts Auditorium, located in the center of the Juab County Building 160 North main St. is available for performances, graduations, conferences, and other events.  The facility seats between 300-400. The stage is approx. 32′ wide by 17′ deep to the black curtain. The side backstage wings are approx. 11′ x 19′., The backstage room pictured in the 1st photo is approx. 33′ by 11′. And there are two more small backstage rooms on either side approx. 4′ x 8′. There is also a bathroom and drinking fountain backstage. The only access to backstage is through the two side doors on the stage. 

We have a fully functioning light and sound system capable of playing audio from a variety of devices.  For best programming control the preferred method is using CDs.  Please have two full CDs of your music as there can be unforeseen problems with the media.











To rent the auditorium, you must do the following:

  • Download and complete the rental agreement form by clicking on the link above. If you have questions, please contact Michelle Harris (801)367-4388.
  • You may check our calendar for availability dates but keep in mind that most events are not posted until 30 days prior to the event.

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